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FARÜCHOC stands for quality,
service, and customer focus

The FARÜCHOC slogan “Competence in Chocolate” stands for high quality of service and products. This goes far beyond just the taste and consistency of the chocolate and couverture. At FARÜCHOC, service and adaptability are also crucial factors. This applies in our relations both with our customers in the confectionery industry and with those in the private label segment. We open up entirely individual possibilities in terms of specifications for each and every one of them:

Specification according to use:

  • Chocolate for casting hollow figures, bars, and other chocolate products
  • Coating and casting compounds for pralines
  • Coatings for biscuits, wafers, and cakes
  • Coating and dipping compounds for ice cream products

Specification according to mixture:

  • Sucrose based chocolate
  • Chocolate with sugar substitutes (maltitol, lactitol, or other sucrose substitutes - "no sugar added")
  • Lactose-free* chocolate (*: ≤1,000 ppm)
  • Chocolate in the functional food range, for example with high fiber content
  • Organic chocolate (organic cane sugar, organic beet sugar, organic coconut blossom sugar)
  • Chocolate from high quality cocoa beans
  • Single origin chocolate
  • Vegan chocolate

We produce chocolate for

Confectionery and chocolate industry:

You want to round off or even expand your assortment? Look no further than our vast range of products: Bars, mini bars, napolitains, chocolate bars, clusters, mocha beans, coated fruit or nuts, and much more besides. There’s (almost) nothing we can’t achieve.

Long-life bakery products industry:

Many manufacturers of long-life bakery products use our broad portfolio. Mini chocolate bars, for example, are particularly popular here. Also in high demand is the classic among the decorative items: the mocha bean.

Ice cream industry:

FARÜCHOC also produces add-ons and shapes for ice cream. They decorate the ice cream and give it a crunchy chocolate flavor. There’s (almost) nothing we can’t achieve.

Trade sector (trademarks and licenses):

The trade sector values us as a partner for out-of-the-ordinary gift articles, imaginative children's articles, or simply delicious chocolate with that special "something" - such as various mini bars, shaped articles, or mocha beans.

Promotional products industry:

The promotional products industry benefits from our creativity, speed, on-time delivery, and customer service. We advise you on the right product idea and support your agencies in the design and implementation.

Gastronomy, hotel industry, catering:

Mini chocolate bars, napolitains, pillow chocolates – your guests will love the sweet surprises. Give your imagination free rein! Our creative team supports you in developing individual ideas and putting them into practice.

More quality and variety for your private label chocolate

When it comes to your private label chocolate assortment, we have the very thing: Napolitains, bars and mini bars, shaped chocolates, chocolate coated products, and clusters. These are available in a variety of formats and unit weights.

And, of course, we are happy to work with you to develop new chocolate shapes. We are your partner from the recipe to the chocolate shape to the final packaging, and are also happy to deal with the production and the logistics, if required. We can likewise process raw materials delivered to us, chocolate from our customers’ own manufacturing, or packaging supplied by them.

In our chocolate-making, we use a wide range of chocolate processing facilities:

  • Molding lines for producing bars, mini bars, and shaped chocolate pieces, with and without filling
  • Cluster forming lines for producing crispy chocolate clusters
  • Enrobing lines, e.g. for producing coated fruit and nuts
  • Roller depositor lines for producing mocha beans

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