According to the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, every German eats more than nine kilograms of chocolate per year. That is topped only by the Swiss, with an annual per capita consumption of 11.3 kg in 2020. Yet the origin of chocolate does not even lie in Europe - and goes back to a people who are now almost forgotten.

The history of chocolate

A cocoa-addicted Aztec ruler, a rough-talking botanist, and a resourceful English industrialist - all of them occupy a firmly established place in the history of chocolate. Find out here where chocolate comes from and how it found its way into our department stores (and hearts).

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From bean to cocoa

In the land of milk and honey, there would surely be entire avenues of chocolate trees too. In reality, unfortunately, it’s not as simple as planting a milk-chocolate-with-nuts tree or a dark-chocolate tree, and then harvesting them regularly. One particular tree, though, does play a prominent role in chocolate-making: the cacao tree.

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Development and manufacturing of the chocolate

When it comes to processes such as mixing and rolling, hardly anyone would think of anything as fine and delectable as chocolate. But chocolate-making is a highly technical, labor-intensive matter - and a demanding one at that. Get a glimpse into production at our chocolate factory.

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