Individual packaging for your private label chocolate products

We develop innovative solutions for consumer packages and bulk packaging

At FARÜCHOC, we combine machine and hand production to meet your individual packaging needs. This enables us to respond even more flexibly to your wishes and work with you to develop new, innovative packaging solutions for your private label chocolate products. Our spectrum ranges from consumer packages to bulk packaging.

Here’s a small selection from our current assortment

5 x 12.5 g in a flowpack

Folding box

105 x 10 g ribbed bars

Transparent round box

Unfolding presentation box

Gastrobox with mini bars

7 x 7.5 g in a flowpack

30 x 30 g in a counter display

40 x 12.5 g counter display

100 g bar with an envelope wrapping

100 g flat folding box

Transparent rectangular box

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