Bars and mini bars

In many sizes

Our offer ranges from the popular 7.5 g mini bars with or without (logo) stamping in especially thin format and mini chocolate bars (9 g - 15 g) to 30 g - 50 g and 80 g - 500 g bars.

Stamped thins 7.5 g

Ribbed bars 10 g

Ribbed bars 20 g

Mini bars 12.5 g

Mini bars 15 g - 16 g

Mini bars 30 g - 40 g

Chocolate bar 85 g, thin

Chocolate bar 100 g

Chocolate bar 100 g, thin

Chocolate bar 200 g - 500 g


In order to meet the specific requirements of each of our customers, we offer a wide range of packaging options for your private label chocolate products. We are also happy to work with you on developing new, innovative packaging solutions.

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